If Marty McFly wore one, so must I.

Lunch tends to not be very exciting. Normally it involves my BFF Jen and I walking to The Water Garden, standing in line at Subway for 20 minutes, getting jipped on pepperoncini, and then going back to the office to eat. Yesterday, we decided to be adventurous. We decided to really go ballz out with lunch. We crossed Colorado Ave. and went to the food court at the Yahoo Center! I know! How we thought of such a crazy and out there idea, you ask? Well, we have no idea. It just jumped out at us. We thought we’d just take a big risk and go a little nutty with lunch yesterday. After being those people who get in line, have no idea what they are going to order, and thus have to get out of line, we finally ordered some quite delicious food. New lunch place found! Only problem is we had to wait a little bit for it to be ready.

While we sat on the bench discuss our not so exciting Thursday night plans, I noticed the guy sitting next to Jen was wearing a Casio calculator watch. Normally, this really wouldn’t be a big deal. Sure, you don’t come across a lot of people that wear calculator watches these days, but it just so happens that I wear one too! As I freaked out to Jen over my new found calculator watch soulmate, his friend noticed my spaz ways and pointed it out to him. His response? “STFU!!!!!” Not only did this dude wear a calculator watch, but his first words to me were “STFU.” Calculator watch AND ridiculous acronym soulmate!

Marty McFly is my homeboy

While we continued to wait for our food, we discussed with Ben the amazingness that is a calculator watch. He had bought three off eBay in college and had a stockpile; I received mine as a wrap gift for one of the movies we recently made. He can do his taxes on his; I can spell HELLO on it if I turn it upside down. I like it cause it’s digital and I’m too lazy to take the extra 2.5 second to stare at the roman numerals on my Gucci watch. We also both agree that it is hands down the best watch ever, and everyone in the world should have one. Marty McFly did, why can’t you?

Once his food was ready, Ben, his calculator watch, and his friend peace’d out. Jen and I secretly hoped they’d ask us to eat lunch with them or at least ask for our number as they were probably the most hilariously random people we had ever met and every calculator watch needs a calculator watch friend for play dates. Sadly, they did not, though something tells me we’ll run into them again at some point. Now that we have discovered the promise land of more lunch options and infinitely cooler people, we’ll definitely be back again.

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