So here’s the deal

Let me start of by saying Bonjour! I don’t actually speak French, though I wish I did, so consider that the first and last time I will ever say anything in French. I’m Lex, coming to you for the wonderful, fabulous concrete jungle of Los Angeles. I spend my days livin’ the dream, and no, I don’t mean waiting tables while waiting to get discovered. I’m fortunate enough work behind the scenes at a independent production company getting my hands dirty with the physical production aspects of actually making a movie. Yeah, you see that end crawl at the end of the movie? The one that you probably didn’t stay for? Yeah, I made that…along with doing a million other things to put that film on the screen for you. It can be stressful, it can be crazy, and I absolutely love it.

I can be a bit crazy, a bit over the top, a bit sarcastic, a bit sassy, and am extremely awesome at creating (and enjoying) sufficiently awkward situations. I wear jeans and converses on an almost daily basis. However, there has always been a part of me that loves the world of high society and likes to dip into that realm from time to time. For my entire sophomore year of college I liked to say “I was on an ongoing quest to be British” simply because British people always seemed far more fabulous than my American self. I’m sure that my roommate thought that I was slightly crazy. I’ve been forever fascinated with high society; the fashion, the drama, the lives, and anything that it involves. So here I stand…halfway between the prim and proper and down and dirty; mixing a little bit of crazy and crass with some classy and cultured; trying to discover who I am and who I’m going to become, while drawing inspiration from Grace Kelly.

I spent a couple of days trying to determine what on earth I would write about. I don’t have a big life event coming up, I don’t have a hobby that I do on a daily or even weekly basis. I really thought that I had absolutely nothing to talk about. In thinking about ideas, I went through my day spouting off my random and sometime inappropriate comments about life, pop culture, and any wonderfully awkward situation I happen to stumble upon, only to realize that my commentary was in fact where this is all going to lead.

Until next time…


One response to “So here’s the deal

  1. yay lex!! so excited to hear all about your adventures in blog form – granted i will probably be witness to many of said adventures, but your sassiness, blunt honesty, and all around awesomeness will be more than worth the read for sure. sweet BALLLZ! keep writin', baby girl. hugs and kisses!

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