Mixed CD epic fail

Katherine invited Gabby and I over yesterday afternoon to do a crazy make up photoshoot for her. Katherine is a kick ass photographer so we were of course totes down for it. After two hours of taking pictures of some total America’s Next Top Model makeup, we headed home to see how long it would take us to scrub it off.

I have a stereo set up in my bathroom that I like to play when I’m getting ready to go out of the night or taking a bath or just a really long shower. Clearly, I need some shit to sign along to. Recently I’ve been going through old CDs and listening to them. Major blast from the past. I had forgotten how pumped ‘N SYNC’s first CD can get you when you’re getting ready to go out for the night. During yesterday’s CD mission, I came across two CDs labeled “CD 1” and “Mix #4”. Clearly, I was super creative with naming my CDS. I popped in CD 1, and was horrified by the sampling of music that I had CLEARLY put together sophomore year of college. I sat there scrubbing my face listening to quite possibly some of the worst (and yet totally guilty pleasure fabulous) songs ever known to man. I’ve included a random smattering below so you can be just as cool as me and create your own mix.

S Club 7 – Don’t Stop Movin’: Um…hello?!?!?! S Club 7 was (and will forever be) amazing. Who doesn’t remember their TV show? Classic.

LeAnn Rimes – Life Goes On: This was when LeAnn tried to go all Celine Dion on us. Not very successful, but ridiculously catchy.

Kelly Clarkson – Miss Independent: Every time I heard this song, all I would think is that Avril Lavinge was originally supposed to sing it. Kelly Clarkson = upgrade!

Black Eyed Peas – Where’s the Love: Ugh, Fergie. I hate you. I hate you more than I hate Kirsten Dunst AND KStew. I think the only reason I loved this song like whoa was because of the Justin Timberlake part. Leave it to J Timberlake to save the day.

Daniel Bedingfield – Gotta Get Through This:
Ah, one hit wonder!! Love that euro dance shit.

Santana featuring Michelle Branch – The Game of Love:
Santana = yes! Michelle Branch = no!

Crazy Town – Starry Eyed Surprise: What the hell ever happened to Crazy Town? Why the hell did I ever like crazy town? I bet they’re just kicking back and collecting royalty checks from the stupid Diet Coke commercial with the roller skaters. RIP DJ AM.

In the end, I couldn’t listen to the CD. I flipped through every song saying epic fail over and over again. Hopefully in five years I will not look back at my ipod playlists from now and say epic fail to them. Sadly, I probably will. Epic fail.

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