I sorta fused Flashdance with MC Hammer shit

Art had this genius (though crazy at the time) idea to put a TV in our kitchen. At first, Gabby and I thought he was a little nuts, but now, it’s the best idea ever as I can cook dinner AND watch TV at the same time.

I don’t put too much pressure on myself though, as if it’s really something I need to pay attention to, I’ll wait till I’m done cooking to watch. This of course leads me to watch mindless television while I’m in the kitchen. RR/RW challenges, Say Yes To The Dress, old movies on HBO.

The other night, I was making dinner and I caught the last 15 minutes of Encino Man. Shoosh! Totally genius at the time, still hipster genius now. At the end of the movie Link does that whole dance sequence at the prom with Dave and Robin and it got me thinking about all the great high school group dance sequences in movies. In case you need to re-educate yourself on these cinematic masterpieces, I’ve included some below for your viewing pleasure.

Can’t Buy Me Love – The African Anteater Ritual

Patrick Dempsey, I love you! Seth Green when he was like 12? So good! I rented this movie so much as a kid that I finally bought it a few years ago.

She’s All That – Fatboy Slim Prom Sequence

Hey Usher, do you really need to give us the play by play of the dancing? If anything, you should be giving the play by play of the ridiculously dated hair and clothing. Yay 90s! Though someone remind me…we’re spikes ever in style on a guy?

Encino Man – The “Encino Man” Dance

Oh Sean Astin, I liked you so much better when you were trekking across middle earth, trying to play football for Notre Dame, or being a Goonie. I’ll give you a free pass for doing this movie, even though it’s kinda totally genius and amazing in the way that Bio-Dome was. How did all these student pick up on this dance so quickly though? And Robin…let’s discuss that dress.

Teen Wolf – The Teen Wolf Dance

Ok, the synchronized clapping and snapping gives it a total West Side Story feel like there is going to be a rumble. I love how the crowd part when he comes in and he’s the coolest guy ever. Sorry, but if a freaking half wolf-half human person showed up at my high school dance, you better as hell believe I am running for the hills…unless it’s Jacob Black and he’s coming with the whole Twilight wolfpack.

Footloose – Final Dance Sequence

You are lying your ass off if you don’t start moving when you hear this song. It’s freakin’ Kenny Loggins! Kenny Loggin + Kevin Bacon = amazingness. I loved this movie growing up, still do. It looks like the coolest high school dance ever, even though they are in a warehouse. Who cares? They are rocking the shit out of it! Willard finally learns to dance, you see SJP’s real hair color, Kevin Bacon looks sexy in a maroon suit, and everyone is happy in the end.

I know there are many more out there, but these are some of the best (and most random). Of course, if you expand beyond the high school group dance sequence genre, there are even more amazing non high school related dance sequences that are even more fantastic. I leave with one of them…probably one of my favorites of all time. Please try to enjoy the second hand embarrassment as much as possible. I know I do.


One response to “I sorta fused Flashdance with MC Hammer shit

  1. i heart those dance sequences in movies, it's like all of a sudden everyone knows the choreography and they're in a music video. such fun! also love the she's all that and can't buy me love 🙂

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