Rules for turning one year younger

Grace Kelly was married by the time she was 25. She had her first kid by the time she was 26. Obviously, I’m a little behind. I turned 26 last week and not a moment too soon. You know how people refer to a quarterlife crisis? Well, they aren’t joking. It was like anything that could go wrong while I was 25, did go wrong. But the closer I got to 26, the more I realize that even through a year of bad times, I hadn’t really bothered to have fun and make memories. I was determine to make 26 a better year and be more optimistic about life. I had forgotten what it was like to have fun.

A couple weeks before I turned 26, and right around the time I decided that I was going to make this next year better, things started to turn around and I truly hope they only continue to get better.

In honor of turning 26, I had pretty much a week long celebration complete with concerts, New Moon, dinners, and crazy dancing at bars. It was a great start to 26 and provided me with some fabulous DO’s and DON’T’s of your birthday, in order to make it more memorable.

DO…Go see New Moon, the movie you’ve been waiting all year for. Oh wait, you haven’t been waiting all year for it? Oh, well FAIL! Clearly, you don’t know how to have fun.

DON’T…try and make out with anyone while ridiculously wasted. You won’t remember it till 24 hours later and then will leave you scared for life.

DO…spin the wheel at Happy Endings while triple fisting Heinekens, causing the DJ to call you out on the microphone for being an alcoholic.

DON’T…flirt with your waiter at IHOP after leaving Happy Endings. Your conversation will end up like mine and you will die of embarrassment.

Me: We have to go. We’re cabbing it back to Beverly Hills.
Ryan: You live in Beverly Hills?
Me: Yeah, where do you live?
Ryan: Downtown…in a warehouse.
Me: Like in 500 Days of Summer?
Ryan: Um…did they live in a warehouse in that?

DO…throw a theme party. Mine was a Girl Scout/Boy Scout party. It would have been Troop Beverly Hills themed, but then we realized there would be guys there and only so many people can dress up as Freddy Nefler.

DON’T…drop your brand new camera when you’re drunk. You’ll freak out and continue to tell everyone you dropped it because you are drunk.

…go see The Swell Season. They are hands down AMAZING! Please enjoy my commentary in the video below.

DON’T…leave home without a really massive birthday card.

…remember to bring an extra shirt when the below happens to you at your birthday dinner.

And finally…

DO…remember to have fun and create some memories! It’s your birthday, after all.


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