Fashion that defines me

For a girl, a have a really small closet. Seriously, I can barely fit all my clothes in there. It’s a mess, it’s unorganized, and yet, I barely where half of it. Every once and a while, I will have time to actually look through what I have and I always end up coming across those piece of my wardrobe that have long been forgotten. These are the piece that I don’t wear because the experience I had when wearing them has rubbed off on the clothes. Ok, maybe not really, but you know when you wear a shirt out, you have a HORRIBLE night in it, and then you can never wear it again because you have bad memories associated with it? Yeah, I have a whole slew of those clothes. At the same time though, I definitely have my lucky clothes. Outfits that I feel awesome in, things I’ve worn and good things have happened to me. I tend to wear these more in hopes something more amazing will happen to me while wearing them.

Thinking back on life, there are definitely experiences that are so profound, so vivid in my mind that I can always remember what I was wearing. These could be good things, or bad things, or just big life altering experience, but I always find it funny how I can remember exactly what I was wearing.

Dark jeans, white button up shirt: This was my last night is Chicago. It was the day I had graduated college and I found myself going out with Kyle while my mother stayed at my apartment and packed my things. We were leaving for Ireland the next morning. We went to Wendy’s. We had Frosties. We went and sat on the swing at Oscar Meyer school and then we said goodbye. Probably one of the hardest things I’ve never had to do, but one of the most perfect night I can remember having in my entire life. The next day, while waiting for my flight at O’Hare, I finally cried. Not only was college over, everything was ended, but I had said goodbye to my best friend. However, that outfit always made me think of that night. I wore it probably three times while in Ireland, while remembering the good times we had. It’s the only outfit from before I lost all the weight that I wish I still had, just for sentimental purposes.

Yellow jersey dress from Target: Worst. Night. Ever. I embarrassed the shit out of myself in front of some of my closest friends. I like to consider this night the begin of the end of the grad school era. After it, everything changed. I did some stupid shit that night, other people did stupid shit that night. I can never wear that dress again. Sadly, it was also the first time I wore that dress as well. Have fun in my closet sad, little yellow dress.

Cloud pajama pants, black tank top: 9/11. My mother called me in Chicago and woke me up to tell me something had happened. Then, like the rest of the world, I gathered in front of the television and just stared in shock. It took about 10 hours for me to finally cry, to let it all sink in, to break down. I can remember a lot about that day. Classes were canceled. Military jets patrolled the Chicago skyline. We watched X-Men on HBO to take a break from watching the news. I broke down crying. Matt from down the hall came and sat with me in the hall while I cried. But most of all, I remember the pajama pants and tank top.

Blue Top with Satin ribbon AND Green Forever 21 tunic with the massive broach:
Both of these tops had potential to be a bad luck tops. I had a really bad memories with both and I didn’t wear them again for months. I finally did though, it turned out not to be so bad. I have yet to have another bad thing happen to me while wearing either and continue to make good memories in both. Point in case, I wore the green tunic top the day Taylor Lautner came in to the office, walked by my desk looking all sorts of hot man-boyness while rocking a leather jacket. That was a good day.


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