Dear iPod

Dear iPod,

I’m pretty convinced that you have a personality. A brain. A mind of your own. I will admit that I was beyond ecstatic when I got you. I mean, I had your cousin, the sad, old, beat up ipod mini since 2004. It was really just time for him to retire. When I got you, I couldn’t believe all the cool things you could do. You allow me to watch movies at the gym, create genius playlists directly on my ipod, and by far, the coolest thing you do is automatically shuffle when I shake you. You’re like a freaking snowglobe with songs in it.

Sure, this may not always be handy like the few times I’ve dropped you in the car while I was most happily rocking out to the Spice Girls, but overall, you’re a fab little feature, I will admit. However, here comes the part where I am entirely convinced that you have grown a brain or personality or are at least some how in tune with my emotional psyche. Over the past few weeks, every time I shake you up like a kid under the tree with Christmas presents you somehow always come up with a song that has such a deep emotional connection with me, with my past, with people in my life, that I’m left almost crying by the end of this song and silently saying “Damn you iPod for drudging up all that emotional baggage. Thanks a heap!”

Point in case. John Mayer’s “Back to You” or “My Stupid Mouth.” Those are K’s songs. How the hell did you know that every single John Mayer song from Room for Squares reminds me of him? We went to see him together. We listended to him together. He made jokes about sitting at the tables in the cafeteria freshman year and mimicked how he was going to play chess with the salt & pepper shakers. HOW DID YOU KNOW ABOUT THAT, IPOD??????? iPods we’re even around then. And Dave Matthew’s Say Goodbye. Another classic K song, another song you choose to play when I shake you. I became a Dave fan because K was a Dave fan. That songs basically described four whole years of our…whatever you would call it. Sometimes you’ll play “When the Stars Go Blue.” The live version by The Corrs and Bono. He introduced me to that song and I decided that’s the song I’m going to dance to at my wedding (sorry future hubby, you have no say in our first dance), and thus, I’ve loved that song for years. But every time I hear it, it always reminds me of K because he was the one who introduced me to it. So what’s the deal? Are you trying to tell me something?

You also have a habit of playing songs that bring me back to really stressful times in my life. Like KIDS by MGMT. If I could even go into the dramz that surrounded that song while making WHIP IT, well….this post would be really long. Yes, that song now reminds me of the entire process of making WHIP IT, the friends I made on that film, but good golly (yeah, I really just said that) that song caused me a lot of stressed. Stop playing it so much.

Even though I’m convinced you have your own brain now, I guess I could just press next when you play things that drudge up old memories. Or I could just shake you again in hopes I get a song I wanted like my own musical magic eight ball. But then again, maybe I like remembering the good (and bad times), especially when they continue to slip away too quickly.

So carry on little iPod, though you best believe I’m going to seriously contemplate sending my monthly therapy bills to Steve Jobs.



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