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Cruising in style

One of the things I always found cool about Grace Kelly was her travel style. She always had the best travel outfits, always had this glam about her when she went from place to place. Maybe that’s because traveling was more of a big deal then. It was an event. Now, I hop on a plane with Ugg boots and a sweatshirt on, toting my duffel bag and iPod. Grace got on a place wearing a dress, hair perfectly coiffed, carrying a gorgeous (now) vintage traveling case. Even if she wasn’t flying, she always traveled in style.

When Grace went to Monaco for her wedding to Prince Rainer, she and her entire wedding party took a cruise there on the ocean liner SS Constitution. No, not one of those four day weekend cruises to Mexico where you fill up a mouthwash bottle with tequila, but a classy cruise. The type of cruise where everyone had to dress black tie for dinner. The type of cruise the Titanic would have been, minus that whole sinking thing. An elegant affair, with dignified after dinner drinks and games, daily activities, and balls, all of which never once included a wet t-shirt contest. That’s the kind of cruise I want to take.

Any time I tell my friends that I want to take a cruise, they all proceed to tell me how crappy it is; you’re stuck on a boat, you can’t bring your own booze, drinks are expensive, it’s just not worth it. But I don’t think any of them get the fact that I’m not talking about a short weekend Mexico cruise. I’m talking about a glamorous cruise.

One of my favorite thing about going to my grandparents house is the massive collection of cruise catalogs that piles up. My grandmother LOVED to take cruises. It was her thing, and every time I would go their house, I’d leaf through the catalogs, as if trying to determine which cruise I was going to take next. I still do, every time I’m there. For as long as I could remember, my grandparents went on at least one cruise a year, but like Grace Kelly, like me, my grandmother loved the glamor that was cruising. They would almost always go on the Crystal Cruise line to anywhere from Alaska to the Mediterranean to Fiji. The thing that I always loved about Crystal is that it didn’t look like a cruise. It looked like one elegant week long affair, where people dressed for dinner, where there were galas and balls and dancing. They had lectures, cooking classes, organized games. They offered afternoon tea service. They offered a life on board a ship that doesn’t exist anymore; a life where travel is something that is treated as a glamorous, non-everyday affair. It was something special. It was an event.

Sure, I probably don’t own enough evening dresses for sustain a wardrobe for one of these cruises, let alone enough money to afford to go on one, but one of these days, I’m going to travel in style. Just like my grandmother, just like Grace Kelly.

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