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Cruising in style

One of the things I always found cool about Grace Kelly was her travel style. She always had the best travel outfits, always had this glam about her when she went from place to place. Maybe that’s because traveling was more of a big deal then. It was an event. Now, I hop on a plane with Ugg boots and a sweatshirt on, toting my duffel bag and iPod. Grace got on a place wearing a dress, hair perfectly coiffed, carrying a gorgeous (now) vintage traveling case. Even if she wasn’t flying, she always traveled in style.

When Grace went to Monaco for her wedding to Prince Rainer, she and her entire wedding party took a cruise there on the ocean liner SS Constitution. No, not one of those four day weekend cruises to Mexico where you fill up a mouthwash bottle with tequila, but a classy cruise. The type of cruise where everyone had to dress black tie for dinner. The type of cruise the Titanic would have been, minus that whole sinking thing. An elegant affair, with dignified after dinner drinks and games, daily activities, and balls, all of which never once included a wet t-shirt contest. That’s the kind of cruise I want to take.

Any time I tell my friends that I want to take a cruise, they all proceed to tell me how crappy it is; you’re stuck on a boat, you can’t bring your own booze, drinks are expensive, it’s just not worth it. But I don’t think any of them get the fact that I’m not talking about a short weekend Mexico cruise. I’m talking about a glamorous cruise.

One of my favorite thing about going to my grandparents house is the massive collection of cruise catalogs that piles up. My grandmother LOVED to take cruises. It was her thing, and every time I would go their house, I’d leaf through the catalogs, as if trying to determine which cruise I was going to take next. I still do, every time I’m there. For as long as I could remember, my grandparents went on at least one cruise a year, but like Grace Kelly, like me, my grandmother loved the glamor that was cruising. They would almost always go on the Crystal Cruise line to anywhere from Alaska to the Mediterranean to Fiji. The thing that I always loved about Crystal is that it didn’t look like a cruise. It looked like one elegant week long affair, where people dressed for dinner, where there were galas and balls and dancing. They had lectures, cooking classes, organized games. They offered afternoon tea service. They offered a life on board a ship that doesn’t exist anymore; a life where travel is something that is treated as a glamorous, non-everyday affair. It was something special. It was an event.

Sure, I probably don’t own enough evening dresses for sustain a wardrobe for one of these cruises, let alone enough money to afford to go on one, but one of these days, I’m going to travel in style. Just like my grandmother, just like Grace Kelly.

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Rules for turning one year younger

Grace Kelly was married by the time she was 25. She had her first kid by the time she was 26. Obviously, I’m a little behind. I turned 26 last week and not a moment too soon. You know how people refer to a quarterlife crisis? Well, they aren’t joking. It was like anything that could go wrong while I was 25, did go wrong. But the closer I got to 26, the more I realize that even through a year of bad times, I hadn’t really bothered to have fun and make memories. I was determine to make 26 a better year and be more optimistic about life. I had forgotten what it was like to have fun.

A couple weeks before I turned 26, and right around the time I decided that I was going to make this next year better, things started to turn around and I truly hope they only continue to get better.

In honor of turning 26, I had pretty much a week long celebration complete with concerts, New Moon, dinners, and crazy dancing at bars. It was a great start to 26 and provided me with some fabulous DO’s and DON’T’s of your birthday, in order to make it more memorable.

DO…Go see New Moon, the movie you’ve been waiting all year for. Oh wait, you haven’t been waiting all year for it? Oh, well FAIL! Clearly, you don’t know how to have fun.

DON’T…try and make out with anyone while ridiculously wasted. You won’t remember it till 24 hours later and then will leave you scared for life.

DO…spin the wheel at Happy Endings while triple fisting Heinekens, causing the DJ to call you out on the microphone for being an alcoholic.

DON’T…flirt with your waiter at IHOP after leaving Happy Endings. Your conversation will end up like mine and you will die of embarrassment.

Me: We have to go. We’re cabbing it back to Beverly Hills.
Ryan: You live in Beverly Hills?
Me: Yeah, where do you live?
Ryan: Downtown…in a warehouse.
Me: Like in 500 Days of Summer?
Ryan: Um…did they live in a warehouse in that?

DO…throw a theme party. Mine was a Girl Scout/Boy Scout party. It would have been Troop Beverly Hills themed, but then we realized there would be guys there and only so many people can dress up as Freddy Nefler.

DON’T…drop your brand new camera when you’re drunk. You’ll freak out and continue to tell everyone you dropped it because you are drunk.

…go see The Swell Season. They are hands down AMAZING! Please enjoy my commentary in the video below.

DON’T…leave home without a really massive birthday card.

…remember to bring an extra shirt when the below happens to you at your birthday dinner.

And finally…

DO…remember to have fun and create some memories! It’s your birthday, after all.

Underdressed or Overdressed?

I’ve come to the conclusion that everyone in Los Angeles NEVER dresses weather appropriate. Grace Kelly always dressed weather appropriate. Whether she was on the boat heading to Monaco for her wedding, or in Jamaica after winning her Oscar, or in Switzerland on vacation after she was married. How could she not? She was Grace Kelly. Even if it wasn’t weather appropriate, she made it weather appropriate because she was Grace Kelly.

I will be the first to admit though, that I am one of these people that doesn’t dress weather appropriate. I ALWAYS overdress for the weather. Maybe this is because I am always cold, but I’m pretty positive I look like an idiot sometimes because of this.

Today, I woke up this morning and had no idea what i was going to wear to work. Jeans, okay, those are a given. Ballet flats, another given. But what else to wear? Hmm, such a dilemma. I ended up picking a long white sleeve shirt, a black down hooded jacket, an a lavender jersey scarf. I walked into work this morning and the first thing one of my co-workers said to me was “Damn, bundled up much?” If I was still living in Chicago, or even home in Santa Rosa, this outfit may have been acceptable, but it’s 65 degrees outside today. I looked like I was about to go skiing, not sitting a mile from the beach.

Other wonderful weather inappropriate fashion on my part: wearing flip flops in Chicago in December, wearing a hooded sweatshirt outside in Chicago during the middle of a blizzard, wearing my winter coat in Los Angeles in September, wearing short sleeves after it gets dark in LA. Hey, this is technically a desert. It gets cold!

I’m not the only one who does this though. Living in Los Angeles, I’m privy to people who wear the most weather inappropriate stuff, both during winter and the summer. Below are some of my favorite weather inappropriate Los Angeles fashions.

UGG boots in the summer

GREAT idea. Clearly it was warm enough to wear shorts, but apparently your body doesn’t regular temperature well and your feet were freezing. Nothing says summer fun more than a pair of furry boots.

Scarves in the summer

This is probably the one I’m most okay with as I think it’s fine to rock a scarf whenever, but some people think it’s crazy. I think it’s just fashionable.

Flip Flops in the rain

Really? Really? I hate getting water in my shoes when they are closed toed. I can’t imagine people who think wearing flip flops while it rains is a genius and also comfortable idea.

As much as I hate on these three, I’ll be the first to admit, I’ve done every single of one of them. Sometimes you just can’t argue with fashion. Sometimes it’s what keep you warm or cool; sometimes it’s just about looking cool. Grace Kelly wouldn’t argue with looking cool.

Emotionally drained and it’s only Tuesday

This past week has been interesting and stressful, all of which seem to culminate this afternoon. While I stressed cried at my desk over one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever had to make, I talked to anybody I could about my dilemma. I talked to Jen, Britt, Jennie, Ashley, and even called my mom. Yes, I’m almost 26 years old and sometimes I still need to call my mom for advice.

While I won’t go into the detail of the drama, I’ve finally made my decision and I’m hoping that it was for the best. When it came down to it, the cons out weighed the pros. I like to think that everything happens for a reason and there is a reason behind the madness, a reason behind that prompted me to make this decision, a reason why I was forced to make it to begin with, and a reason why it will lead me to something better. I did what I had to do, and sometimes, you can’t always please everyone. I’m sure even Grace Kelly couldn’t please everyone.

It’s funny to think how beautiful and idyllic something can look on the outside, but on the inside… “What’s a Monet?” “It’s like a painting, see? From far away, it’s OK, but up close, it’s a big old mess.”

There is always a secret side to everything that seems perfect. Even Grace Kelly.

Now, to cheer myself up, I’m going to go stare at the Harper’s Bazaar Rob & KStew photos and Vanity Fair Rob pictures. I’m going to pretend that KStew fell off the motorcycle .5 seconds after this picture was taken. Whoops…too bad.

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Grace Kelly & Casseroles

I bet Grace Kelly made casseroles. Sure, she became a princess, but deep down, she was still a girl from Pennsylvania. She always liked to do things for herself and her kids – wrap Christmas presents, dress her kids, read books to them. So what’s stopping her from making a casserole? I bet she made one hell of a casserole.

I love to throw dinner parties and to cook for my friends. Being Italian, I tend to stick to Italian foods, but every once and a while I’ll bust out something else. I make one hell of a tuna noodle casserole and more recently, I made this kick ass chili mac and cheese bake which really only came about because I realized I didn’t have any ground beef to put into the mac and cheese. Total epic genius, right there. It was surprisingly good.

Casseroles are honestly the perfect creation. They are one whole meal: meat, carbs, veggies, all in one dish. You can pretty much throw anything together, bake the shit out of it and viola, you have yourself a meal. This is why I secretly wish I could carry a casserole around me with me in my purse. Just carrying a totes bag around with a casserole dish in it, whipping it out at the most inopportune moments. Busting it out in the middle of a doctor’s appointment. Sharing it with people on the subway. Trying to sell plates of it to other diners at a restaurant. What’s the point of making a casserole if you can’t share it with everyone.

If you’re ever feeling up to it, try out one of these delicious looking one-dish delights.

Chicken Florentine Casserole
Pizza Casserole
Chicken & Pea Au Grautin Casserole
Zucchini Herb Casserole
Turkey Tetrazzini

Britt & Mike are planning on having their rehearsal dinner at a B.Y.O.F. (Bring Your Own Food) bar in downtown, and you better bet your ass I’m showing up with a casserole or two. It’s the only polite things to do. Grace Kelly would bring a casserole.

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So here’s the deal

Let me start of by saying Bonjour! I don’t actually speak French, though I wish I did, so consider that the first and last time I will ever say anything in French. I’m Lex, coming to you for the wonderful, fabulous concrete jungle of Los Angeles. I spend my days livin’ the dream, and no, I don’t mean waiting tables while waiting to get discovered. I’m fortunate enough work behind the scenes at a independent production company getting my hands dirty with the physical production aspects of actually making a movie. Yeah, you see that end crawl at the end of the movie? The one that you probably didn’t stay for? Yeah, I made that…along with doing a million other things to put that film on the screen for you. It can be stressful, it can be crazy, and I absolutely love it.

I can be a bit crazy, a bit over the top, a bit sarcastic, a bit sassy, and am extremely awesome at creating (and enjoying) sufficiently awkward situations. I wear jeans and converses on an almost daily basis. However, there has always been a part of me that loves the world of high society and likes to dip into that realm from time to time. For my entire sophomore year of college I liked to say “I was on an ongoing quest to be British” simply because British people always seemed far more fabulous than my American self. I’m sure that my roommate thought that I was slightly crazy. I’ve been forever fascinated with high society; the fashion, the drama, the lives, and anything that it involves. So here I stand…halfway between the prim and proper and down and dirty; mixing a little bit of crazy and crass with some classy and cultured; trying to discover who I am and who I’m going to become, while drawing inspiration from Grace Kelly.

I spent a couple of days trying to determine what on earth I would write about. I don’t have a big life event coming up, I don’t have a hobby that I do on a daily or even weekly basis. I really thought that I had absolutely nothing to talk about. In thinking about ideas, I went through my day spouting off my random and sometime inappropriate comments about life, pop culture, and any wonderfully awkward situation I happen to stumble upon, only to realize that my commentary was in fact where this is all going to lead.

Until next time…